Writing by Muriel Munga Closeup typewriter
Get rid of him

Last time you hurt me, I really thought it’d be the last. Gosh! Was I wrong? The very first time...you were mean to me…you kept on rubbing it in…and I cried like a baby. I even screamed, hoping that it would stop the pain.


Na lobi: “bima”.
Atali ngai. A ningani te.

Excess flesha

I once had ankles; small ones that I found absolutely sexy (always an issue when it came to buying boots or strappy heels around the ankles). Though I never really liked my feet (no arch thus very flat) I found them bearable to watch….until a few days ago.


The phase of bloating is normal at my stage seeing that I am a couple of weeks away from giving birth to my first child. At 44.The breast is bigger than its usual size…but I love it. It feels very sexy, very inviting…