Writing by Muriel Munga Closeup typewriter
Get rid of him

Last time you hurt me, I really thought it’d be the last. Gosh! Was I wrong? The very first time...you were mean to me…you kept on rubbing it in…and I cried like a baby. I even screamed, hoping that it would stop the pain. But you remain so insensitive. I couldn’t believe it. I should have listened to what my friends used to tell me about you. “Get rid of him. Now”.

My pain would start in the early morning and vanish more or less whenever I laid between the sheets, eyes closed tightly, hoping for a goodnight sleep.
Every single morning I would wake up with a single thought: “Today is d-day. I am getting this sucker out of my life!!” But hey…I just couldn’t do it. I was scared. Real scared. Frightened to spend unpleasant moments and not being able to go all the way!
However, I needed…no, I had to make a decision. And I had to do it fast or I would just be that whining woman getting on everybody’s nerves!
So I turned to God and prayed. I asked God to help me get rid of you. And I took that leap of faith…9 months ago.

So why on earth have you been back in my life in the last three days?? Dear me! I really thought you would never ever come back. Man…spending my life without you was just…amazing! Bloody ingrowing toenail!!
(Oohh! I can see your face. You didn’t expect that one, did you luv? Of course I was only talking about my painful ingrowing nail which has decided to come back and create havoc once again!!!)