Writing by Muriel Munga Closeup typewriter
Excess flesha

I once had ankles; small ones that I found absolutely sexy (always an issue when it came to buying boots or strappy heels around the ankles). Though I never really liked my feet (no arch thus very flat) I found them bearable to watch….until a few days ago.

I woke up one day to find their size had doubled around the ankles and on the front as if covered with a surplus of flesh. The toes were big and mannish like. The feet are now entirely shapeless and look like two rectangular boxes of equal size. Absolutely disgusting. I am unable to wear proper shoes. My feet will only get into slippers. It is quite scary...you see changes in your body than you cannot control...no matter how hard you think you can! Today, their size has trebled making me wonder whether they will go back to their normal shape one day...

The upside to this bulk on my feet has led me to pay more attention to them, to care more for them than I have ever done before as if to protect them in some way...the dry sole has let room to a clear and smooth feel making me happy from time to time.

Yes…even when we think that we are going through what we call a bad situation; in my case, the sheer trauma of being a silent witness to the swelling of both of my feet, there is always a positive side that comes out of it...

Did I mention that I am due to deliver in about a couple of weeks??? Nah! I didn’t think so!