Writing by Muriel Munga Closeup typewriter

The phase of bloating is normal at my stage seeing that I am a couple of weeks away from giving birth to my first child. At 44.The breast is bigger than its usual size…but I love it. It feels very sexy, very inviting…

I am used to a smaller breast but having a bigger one…just feels different. I am not talking about the “Pamela Andersons” of this world but just one size bigger. This is great!

On the other side, the thighs are not mine. They can’t be. Their profile looks elongated and looks very model-like but facing the mirror frontally is a shock on a daily basis! Right and left thighs are constantly fighting for space, unaware that their brushing makes creases sweat and itchy along the way. A total nightmare.

The belly….Ah! The part of the body that cannot be hidden anymore! It started big from underneath the breast but is now pointing south and absolutely HUGE. The oval contour is punctuated by odd shapes and sizes where the baby expresses his moves as if swimming in his own pool.

The extra weight kills my back and has changed my walk. The “work-it-baby” walk on 10cm-high heels where I would strut my stuff has been thrown out of the window and has let a new walk emerged: only penguin style! Different from the Ganam style. Imagine a penguin’s walk: side to side. Now imagine two of them. Got the picture? Now imagine that walk…add the big thighs….then the big belly. And you’ve got an unsexy walk.

Molly’s new walk.

Basically, everything has grown bigger! Thank God the face has kept its normal shape and size…but the rest like neck, back, breast, tits, belly and its button, arms, thighs, calves, feet and toes AND vagina have all increased in volume!

Gosh! All these changes a woman has to go through to reach the objective of being a mother!